Does Life Get Any Better?

From the minute you open the large wooden entrance door, you’re already hooked. The staircase leading down to the main living space is spectacular and all of the lush bedrooms are hidden behind the stone walls. You know immediately that this is a special place. But enough of the descriptive narrative – we all kinda know what Moonstone looks like by now.

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3 Secret Spots on Samui

I love the size of Samui.  Big enough to offer tons of variety….small enough to still have that cool island vibe.  The island is wrapped by ‘the ring road’.  One of my favorite pastimes on Samui has always been to take a lap around the ring road.  Not for any particular reason or with any planned agenda.  As Canadian rock legends The Tragically Hip would say…..looking for a place to happen, making stops along the way.  Now that I got your attention, I might as well throw in a link to a great Hip tune.  Check it out:

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Stars 5. For Everything.

Staring out my window looking at blanket of snow on a minus 20 degree day, I am longing for another visit to Moonstone Samui. One doesn’t often start off reviewing a joint by quoting Solzhenitsyn. Especially by quoting characters confined to a gulag. Especially if it’s a review of the nicest place you’ve ever stepped foot in… but here goes…

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Welcome to Samui Unmasked!

I love Koh Samui.  Warts and all, I fucking love it.  Always have, since the first time I stepped foot on this magical island 25 years ago.  The year was 1994.  I was 2 months out of University and had just moved to Seoul on a one-way ticket to god-knows-what.  On a night out while throwing down way too much Soju some other expats were telling tales of Full Moon Parties and $5 beach huts in a place called Samui. 

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