I Hope This Place Is Around Forever

This is our 10th blog post here at Samui Unmasked.  And I’ve been waiting until now to write about this local joint, Mr. Eung’s Restaurant, that holds a very special place in my heart. This is a place that I hope, even with Samui’s ever-changing landscape, stays open forever. And ever.  

But before we get to the review, a quick quiz……what was the best sit-com from the 1980’s?  Please don’t say Growing Pains or Full House, as I would lose too much respect for you.  Night Court?  WKRP in Cincinatti?  Maybe….both were excellent, and Johnny Fever may be my favorite sit-com character of all time.  But neither of them is correct.  Nor was it Family Ties, and it certainly wasn’t Alf!    

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3 Secret Spots on Samui

I love the size of Samui.  Big enough to offer tons of variety….small enough to still have that cool island vibe.  The island is wrapped by ‘the ring road’.  One of my favorite pastimes on Samui has always been to take a lap around the ring road.  Not for any particular reason or with any planned agenda.  As Canadian rock legends The Tragically Hip would say…..looking for a place to happen, making stops along the way.  Now that I got your attention, I might as well throw in a link to a great Hip tune.  Check it out:

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Stars 5. For Everything.

Staring out my window looking at blanket of snow on a minus 20 degree day, I am longing for another visit to Moonstone Samui. One doesn’t often start off reviewing a joint by quoting Solzhenitsyn. Especially by quoting characters confined to a gulag. Especially if it’s a review of the nicest place you’ve ever stepped foot in… but here goes…

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The Best Italian Food You’ve Ever Had

Sick of Thai Food yet?  Yeah, me neither.  I don’t even know if that’s possible.  But every now and then I find myself craving something different.  And no matter where in the world I end up, about once a week I find myself craving Italian food.  I’ve been to amazing Italian joints in LA, Toronto, Italy, Korea and so many other places and I find it funny that the best I’ve ever had is right here in Samui.  Okay, so I’m lying….New York takes the cake for me when it comes to Italian-outside-Italy, but the place I’ll tell you about in this post is right up there.

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Jamaican Gold in Lamai

Number 22.  Before I forget….Number 22.  You gotta order a Number 22.   I can’t even remember what it is.  I’d been drinking that day and my brain wasn’t quite working properly.  But I do remember one last thought as we paid the bill and stumbled back onto the beach road that runs through Lamai. 

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