Does Life Get Any Better?

From the minute you open the large wooden entrance door, you’re already hooked. The staircase leading down to the main living space is spectacular and all of the lush bedrooms are hidden behind the stone walls. You know immediately that this is a special place. But enough of the descriptive narrative – we all kinda know what Moonstone looks like by now.

I had the pleasure to stay here for two full days with 3 close friends. And what a 48 hour journey that was. We didn’t really venture very far from the pool lounging area for the first 12 hours we were there. Why would you? The views are spectacular! The fridge is stocked with cold drinks and the wonderful Mr. A is on hand whenever you need him.

My 3 friends and I hooked up to the elaborate hi-tech sound system and we just chilled out by the pool listening to our music, drinking fine wine and enjoying this incredible space.

After taking in the sunset we used the downstairs cinema/games room where I was introduced to shuffleboard: rather an addictive game too!

In the morning Mr. A prepared breakfast and we sat with our coffee while the kayaks were being prepared for our morning paddle to the nearby island. It seemed a shame to break up the tranquillity with something strenuous but it was on the menu and off we went. Boy, did I not regret that decision either.

We kayaked to the deserted island just across the bay, and rewarded ourselves by collapsing on the sand with a cold bottle of water. Enjoying every minute of this unique adventure, we hiked up to the top of Turtle Island (named because when looking at it from a certain angle it looks just like a giant turtle) and breathed in the fantastic panoramic views.

After kayaking back across the open water we were met with massage tables laid out by the pool. Seriously? Does life get any better than this?

As it happens it does. After a dip in the infinity pool for the 100th time, Mr A prepared the dining table for a real feast. What can I say? Fine local cuisine consisting of yellow curry crab, fish in chili sauce, etc. etc., and all washed down with more generous helpings of fine red wine.

Kayak, massaged and fed and its only 2pm!! We stayed until 7pm that evening, and filled the time with more lounging in and out of the pool. It’s the pool and surrounding area that exudes the Moonstone vibe that really as to be experienced for yourself. It’s such a picturesque, relaxing place to be.

We hooked up to the sound system and reflected on the short time we had spent here and how the remainder of our vacation would probably never reach these heights. This is a trip the four of us will never forget. If anyone wants to experience something special – this is the place.

I’m trying to sum up Moonstone with a catchy phrase, so here goes: The views keeps changing….the colours are never the same. Nah….how about this…..Music sounds better at Moonstone. Oh that really sounds corny! Ultimately, no reviews can do this place justice, nor the manner or congeniality of the exceptional Mr. A.

Just add it to your bucket list and visit Moonstone Samui at least once in your time on this earth. You’ll be so glad you did!

~ Ian and his three friends.

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