A Foursome To Remember

Get your mind out of the gutter.  Not THAT kind of foursome.  I’m talking Golf here.  And, like most other things that involve fun, Samui will wow you.  There are 2 courses on Samui, a fun little 9-hole short course in the hills above Lamai.  Then there’s Santiburi, a Championship caliber 18-hole course cut through the mountain above Maenam and this is the place I’ll write about in this post. Like any good day of golf, it’s all about who you play with.  

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Chillin’ on Choeng Mon Beach

Samui is a great place to live.  The best part just may be all the people from my past that I normally would never see, but when they visit Samui we reconnect.  On this December day an old ‘cottage buddy’ from Canada who I had not seen in 30 years bubbled to the surface of Samui. Saw on his Facebook (I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook) that he was here, so I reached out to him and we immediately hooked up.  

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Tom Yum With A Twist

So you’ve driven by tons of local Thai restaurants and you’ve always wanted to try one, but you don’t know how to sort the good from the bad?  This post is for you (and so is this blog!).  When it comes to local cheap food on Samui, the good is great but the bad is terrible so this blog will, over time, point you to nothing but the greatest Thai meals you can find on Samui for under 50 Baht.  

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Welcome to Samui Unmasked!

I love Koh Samui.  Warts and all, I fucking love it.  Always have, since the first time I stepped foot on this magical island 25 years ago.  The year was 1994.  I was 2 months out of University and had just moved to Seoul on a one-way ticket to god-knows-what.  On a night out while throwing down way too much Soju some other expats were telling tales of Full Moon Parties and $5 beach huts in a place called Samui. 

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