Chillin’ on Choeng Mon Beach

Samui is a great place to live.  The best part just may be all the people from my past that I normally would never see, but when they visit Samui we reconnect.  On this December day an old ‘cottage buddy’ from Canada who I had not seen in 30 years bubbled to the surface of Samui. Saw on his Facebook (I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook) that he was here, so I reached out to him and we immediately hooked up.  

There was a light rain, we were hungry, and he was traveling on a budget.  So I took him to a little hidden gem for some 50-baht Tom Yum Noodle Soup just outside Choeng Mon that makes your taste buds dance.  You can find an entire post about that restaurant here. After lunch the rain stopped, and we were thirsty. So we went straight to my favorite place on nearby Choeng Mon beach to grab an afternoon beer…..or six.  The place is called Honey Seafood and if you’re standing on the soft sand gazing out to the sea it’s pretty much the last place down the right end of the beach.  Here’s a quick vid to show you a reference of where it is:

There’s plenty of tables inside but we saddled up to one on the sand and enjoyed the shade of a grand tree with giant bright green leaves big enough to carry an army of ants across a small river.

Now, the last time I’d seen my buddy Drew was in the 80’s during our ‘hair metal’ phase.  We were dumb-ass teenagers sporting jean jackets with patches purchased from the Head Shops in Toronto.  He a Ronnie James Dio and me a Twisted Sister.  Now 30 years later, his hair is shorter and mine longer.  Go figure.   

We spent a few hours there and enjoyed beer, after beer, after beer.  Drew was throwing back large bottles of Chang and me small bottles of Heineken.  The prices are reasonable here and the setting is serene.  

The perfect place to do some day drinking and catch up with an old friend. They have an extensive menu but I can’t tell you what’s on it since our sole focus was on good ol’ barley sandwiches.  So if you’re looking for a super cool place to chill for a few hours on Choeng Mon Beach just follow this Google Maps link, pull up a chair, kick off your sandals and start drinking!


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