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Looking for a break from your strenuous activity of lounging on your favourite beach, or sipping a cool beverage on your Villa pool-deck?  Too many lazy Thai massages have you lusting for some action?  Or maybe you and the kids just watched one of the 27 Fast & Furious movies or, like Maverick himself said it best….you “have the need…..the need….for speed!”

If any of this is true or if you are just looking for a great place to take a group of kids for some action-packed good times, this blog post will ‘steer’ you in the right direction. The place is called EasyKart Samui, and here is a link with a special discount for all Samui Unmasked Blog Readers! You can use this link at any of their locations across Thailand so if you’re looking to book a birthday party or group outing, save some dough!

Considering it’s a great spot for kids, the location is a bit funny.  You know Chaweng Lake?  It’s the small lake you see if you drive behind the big Central Festival shopping mall in Chaweng.  As you gaze across the other side you’ll see Samui’s oldest institution The Reggae Pub, and also ‘Camp Beer’.  What the hell is Camp Beer anyways?  It’s a sign that’s always peeked my curiosity and with you as my witness, I vow to investigate soon!! 

As usual, I digress.  Sorry ‘bout that.  EasyKart is located at the very end of a spit of land that juts out into Chaweng Lake.  And the only way to get there is down a skinny road that I’d refer to as one of Samui’s many dirty boulevards.  So blindfold the kids if going after sunset, drive slowly down this stretch of dirt track and you’ll pop out at EasyKart….parking on the left! Here’s a Google Map Pin to make your life real easy.

There are more Go Kart tracks on Samui but none hold a candle to this place.  Boasting 2 tracks (one for everyone and a racing track with an age restriction), the karts are fast, the competition fierce, and they even provide stats after your race showing where you rank for fastest lap.  See how you stack up against everyone you raced against, but also see if you can crack the top 10 for the month! 

I went with my daughter, her new boyfriend, and 2 of her best friends that happen to live on Samui.  Yes, that’s right…my daughter now has a boyfriend.  And this was one of our first outings together.  So on the way there, I’m thinking about how I’m gonna jump in a race and make sure I beat the little bugger on the track.  But then we arrived and I decided to let the four of them hit the track on their own.  No need for this old man to cramp their style! 

They all raced on the smaller track and the karts were surprisingly fast.  Then, the 3 older kids raced a round on the bigger track where the karts hum along over 70 km/h.  Whoa! 

As each session ended, they excitedly ran up the stairs to the printers that deliver the sheets and tell them who won fastest lap.  My daughter’s boyfriend, a big F1 fan, seemed to take top prize.

 We came for the go-karting, but there is lots more to do at this place.  They have EasyFly, which is an indoor skydiving wind tube.  This looks like a lot of fun, but I decided to spare the onlookers the sight of me tumbling around in a skydiving suit!  Perhaps another time.  They also have EasySurf, which is one of those static wave machines where you jump on a small surfboard or boogie board and ride the white water as it shoots beneath you at super speed.  I’ve never been into the boarding sports (surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding) and none of the kids wanted to jump in the water on this trip so we didn’t try it out but it looked like it could be a lot of fun.

Here’s some clickable menus with all the fun they have on offer.

Anyways, the kids were having such a blast that we lined up one more round on the smaller track so everyone could go and this time….I decided to join.  They asked what name I wanted displayed and I could think of none more fitting than Mario.  A pot-bellied old fella who was going to squeeze into a kart and win the race!  Just like ol’ Mario Andretti. 

We got out there and when you’re in them, they seem even faster.  Fun times for sure.  As the checkered flag came out and we pulled back into pit row, my daughter’s boyfriend hurriedly rushed up the stairs to grab the sheet and start ribbing me but when he took a look, something strange happened.  He realized old Mario, pot belly and all, took fastest lap!  Take that, I thought!  Life’s funny, and I’m at a point with a teenage daughter where a small victory is to be enjoyed!  No matter how lame it sounds!

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