Jamaican Gold in Lamai

Number 22.  Before I forget….Number 22.  You gotta order a Number 22.   I can’t even remember what it is.  I’d been drinking that day and my brain wasn’t quite working properly.  But I do remember one last thought as we paid the bill and stumbled back onto the beach road that runs through Lamai. 

“Tell your readers to order Number 22” the drunk voice inside my head whispered.  So get whatever else you like but grab a 22 off the menu and then thank me in the comments below this post.  Hell….tell me what kind of food it is while you’re at it!!

The restaurant is called The Beach Roadhouse and it’s located right here.

A friend of mine whose been living on Samui for 15 years asked me if I wanted to go for a ride.  I jumped in his pickup truck (that he has put over 300,000 km on, all on Samui, so you know he knows the island) and we were off.  We drove across the entire island to end up in Lamai.  We were coming down the ring road from the north then hung a left as you enter Lamai and were cruising down the beach strip.  Just as I asked him where he was taking me he abruptly stopped, threw on the handbrake and jumped out.  That was his parking job….we had arrived at The Beach Roadhouse.

It was early afternoon and immediately I could tell this was the type of place I wanted to go back to at night.  A cool little shop, it’s stacked with picnic-table-style seating on one side with a little bar where the girls working that day would normally sit.  On the other side of the place is a large pool table, where those same girls were screaming and hollering, embroiled in a crazy close pool game.  This place had fun written all over it.

My friend sat us down and got the Heinekens flowing immediately.  They flowed like a steady stream that gently cools your core and over time numbs your senses just a bit, just enough to make you happier. 

Then he ordered the food. 

With what he ordered you would have thought there was 6 of us but he told me he’d been excited to take me here and have me taste all these delectable Jamaican dishes.  Jamaican food is scarce on Samui and great Jamaican food?  Almost non-existent.  And I love Jamaican food. 

Let me tell you, the roadhouse delivers.  If the beers were a calm and steady stream the food came at us like boulders rolling down a hillside.  Over the next hour I was steamrolled by everything from Jerk Chicken Paninis to Classic Chicken Wings.  Caesar Salads, rice + beans, even a Pad Grapao just to keep me guessing.  The sauces that accompanied the dishes were not your run-of-the-mill crap you dump from a store bought bottle.  This shit was home made and ooooohhhhhh sooooooo gooooood.  The food just kept on coming.  My brain was telling me to stop but my taste buds wouldn’t let me. 

As I lumbered out of the place ready to tackle the day (ie. have a nap), the pool game was getting more boisterous and more happy customers were just arriving.  The crowd in here is fun, the staff are a blast, and the food……AMAZING!  Next time you find yourself in Lamai go check this place out.  Day or night it’s a sure bet.  Just don’t forget to order the Number 22.  Mercy.

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